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Win-Win with RTI payroll

Real Time Information Payroll – the fun of doing your own payroll!

Real Time Information (RTI) payroll is just the latest in a long line of new measures to hit the small business. John ran his own catering business in Falkirk and employed about 8 employees. We had been John’s accountant for over 10 years. John had always done his own payroll, however due to the casual nature of the work, staff turnover was always high and most weeks there would be new starts and leavers. What a drag. He wanted to focus on running his business but he found himself spending more and more of his time processing payroll.

Our Payroll Bureau Service – after all time is money

The prospect of managing RTI filled him with dread. The software payroll provider had just increased its prices “ to take account of the introduction of RTI.” The prospect of new tax penalties loomed. He came to us and we chatted through the options. As an existing client we were happy to offer him our payroll bureau service. We suggested changes to the way he processed payroll . We then agreed a fee with him to take account of the new provisions of RTI. He jumped at it right away! And why was this? Well, from his perspective – once he had taken account of the savings in his payroll software costs, the remaining fee was insignificant compared to the amount of his time which was freed up by this change.

From our perspective we had offered a further valuable service to our client deepening and strengthening our existing ties to him. A Win-Win situation!

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