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Making Tax Digital – Is This The Next Poll Tax?

We all remember the poll tax in 1989 – don’t we? An ill-conceived project driven by ideology , rushed out, opposed by most stakeholders. And the result was a shambolic system which lasted a couple of years and did untold damage to public trust in the government. Now – fast forward to 2017. The innocuous[...] Read more »

My Accounts and Tax Returns Outsourced to Where??!!

Outsourcing Services Overseas How many business owners out there have ever considered where their accounting and tax work is actually being done? Would it surprise many to learn that it is increasingly common for accountancy firms to outsource basic accounting, tax and payroll functions to emerging economies such as the Indian subcontinent? Outsourcing Remains a[...] Read more »

To Form a Limited Company or Not?

Forming a Limited Company – the pros and the cons We have had a couple of new clients into our Stirling office recently where the issue of whether or not they should have been incorporated into limited companies has become a thorny question. In both cases they had received, in my opinion, some poor tax[...] Read more »

Good Accounting Advice Helped End A Bank Finance Nightmare

Business Plans can only go so far Andrew and Jane had been in business in the Falkirk area for over 15 years running a successful hotel. We had acted as their accountant and tax advisor since they had started. The business had prospered and then 2008 and the recession hit! They found that they had[...] Read more »

Win-Win with RTI payroll

Real Time Information Payroll – the fun of doing your own payroll! Real Time Information (RTI) payroll is just the latest in a long line of new measures to hit the small business. John ran his own catering business in Falkirk and employed about 8 employees. We had been John’s accountant for over 10 years.[...] Read more »

And Our Next Client Is ….

From Small Business Accounts to takeover targets Let’s be honest – nobody likes losing a client. Especially one that has been with you for over 10 years. But sometimes it just can’t be helped and they move on for all the right reasons. This was a case in point just recently- an engineering and fabrication[...] Read more »

But I thought all Accountants were the Same?

Certified Accountants, Chartered Accountants or Unqualified Accountants – what’s the difference? How often do I hear potential clients say “but I thought all accountants were the same?” This is usually just after they have discovered some particularly poor accounting advice, costly omission or mistake in their accounts or tax return. Or perhaps they have found[...] Read more »